Sit & Go

In Sit & Go tournaments there are a pre-decided number of seats available. The tournament only begins when all the seats have been occupied. More often than not, a sit and go tournament is a single-table tournament. This means that once nine people register for the tournament, the Sit & Go tournament commences. Sit & Go poker is unique as compared to other games of poker where you compete for cash. Unlike cash games, participants’ chips in a tournament cannot be cashed and serve only to establish the player's placing.

The first thing in these tournaments is that you only get so many cards. This is to some extent, an issue when it comes to figuring out strategy since you are limited. It's not easy to say how many hands you'll see in totality because people drop off at different rates in each tourney but you probably will not see more than approximately hundred hands, even if you win. Because of this, it wouldn't be unusual for you not to get one great hand the whole time (AA, KK, AK), let alone getting action on it. The good news here is that everyone else will be in the same boat.

Last but definitely not least, it is imperative to be aware of the chip stack sizes of your opponents with relation to their play. If you see a player getting low on chips, anticipate them raising all-in with any decent hand, you must do this too in the same scenario of course. And if you notice someone hasn't played a hand in 15 minutes and it is their blind, raise them. I'm always shocked when someone has just enough left for one more bet and they get their blind raised and they fold. Even if you have 72 it would be better to call there when you can double through and make something then just give away your blind and go all-in on the next hand.

If you are able to concentrate, you can also play more than one table at a time. By teaching yourself to play multiple tables, you save time and your results improve radically. If you bust out of one Sit n Go tournament, your time has not been wasted, since you are still playing in other tournaments. It's like fast-forwarding time. Playing more than one game at the same time, also reduces the boredom factor when waiting for your turn.


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