We've all had that sensation after going broke early in a tournament; the feeling that we wish we could procure more chips and give it another shot. Well, in a re-buy tournament that's exactly what you get to do. Re-buy events offer you the chance to keep on playing, even if you've lost all of the chips in your original stack.

These action packed and fun-filled re-buy poker tournaments present really huge payouts. For a paltry few dollar buy-in a player has the prospective to win dollars in the thousands. If you have a few hours to spare) and absolutely adore the challenge of competing against a huge bunch of people, I would definitely recommend playing one of these tournaments.

During the first hour of play in a re-buy tournament you will see players throwing their chips all over the place indiscriminately. It is normal for people to overestimate the hands they have drawn and often they are worth taking the shot to hit it. It seems that every table has what we would refer to as a ‘re-buy fanatic’. While his play will look completely random and haphazard he is the guy you definitely want at your table! He will provide your table with a load of chips thus increasing the average stack.

All re-buy tournaments have what is known as "the re-buy period." Typically, this period lasts until the sixth round of blind level increases or the tournament hits the money, whichever is reached first. Once that time period has ended, players can no longer re-buy.


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