Heads up tournaments are fairly unlike normal poker tournaments. Instead of sitting at a table with eight or nine other participants, you sit at a table with only one opponent, playing each other "heads up". Also, heads up tournaments are almost always played in "match form", which essentially means every player is put into a large bracket, and the winners of each match advance in the bracket.

While Playing heads up online poker you will need to bluff more before the flop and sometimes fire away after the flop with nothing. With just two players there will be many times when the flop doesn’t hit either player. Many times it is the person that acts first who will win the pot. Just remember that intermittently your opponent might have a genuinely good hand. Even though you don’t want to be bluffed out of a pot you will, from time to time have to give it up to save yourself from elimination.

Loose players are to some extent more dangerous players to play with, chiefly because you are never sure what kind of hand they have drawn. These players can and will play any hand as if it has good value before or after the flop. The best technique for playing against these kind of opponents is to tighten up a little bit.

Steer clear of pre-flop raises with trivial hands because you are likely to be called ever so often, and should only enter a pre-flop raised pot with a strong hand. Re-raises are very successful against these players in two ways, usually because aggressive players will realize when they are playing against a tighter player and surrender their hands to large re-raises. Re-raising in the big blind pre-flop and check raising the flop may be very useful in winning fairly large pots without having to move to a showdown.

The players on each table play against each other (Heads up) until a there is a winner. The winner's then progress to further rounds to play more games until there is an overall winner.

The rounds will be conducted in a shootout style, with each round commencing at the same time and all players starting the next game at the same time.


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