In a Freeze-out poker tournament, the constitution is such that all players start with a precise number of chips and do not have the option to replenish or add to these chips. That means there are no rebuys allowed and no add-ons.

The tournament is over only when one player is left with all the chips and the rest have been eliminated. The most important aspect of a freeze-out tournament is that as players are knocked out the tables are combined and broken down. This is in contrast to a shootout structure where the tables are not combined and each table produces a "winner" who then goes on to a new table once all the players at his table are eliminated.

As with all tournaments play starts with low level blinds which keep growing over time, as the number of players lessens the total amount of chips in play remains the same but is split between less players. Depending on the payout structure and size of the tournament the prize money may be split between the top 10 or more players on a sliding scale. The higher you finish the higher the percentage of the prize pool you win.

The important thing to remember when playing Freeze-out Tournaments is once you've lost your chips you are out of the game - so playing them requires restraint and discipline so that you don't get knocked out early.

The main event at the WSOP (World Series of Poker) is a good example of a freeze-out, a very big one actually.


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