Freeroll Tournaments

As poker tournaments go, a freeroll is a zero sum game as far as money from your pocket is concerned. And yet, since real money prizes are to be won, a freeroll is definitely more than the sum of its parts...

Although there are tournaments which adhere to certain terms & conditions. A freeroll tournament is possibly the most well-liked form of online poker tournament owing to the detail that no initial investment is necessary. Many players begin by playing freerolls to gain knowledge of online poker tournaments and to get ready for tournaments where buy-in fees are needed for participation. Freerolls give players the chance to practice an assortment of skills and strategies in a low risk environment.

As a result of their popularity, the majority of freeroll tournaments take place very often at large online poker rooms and can draw hundreds of players. A guaranteed prize pool offered by the online poker room means that the tournament will take place as long as the minimum number of players required register. And while many poker sites require a certain number of raked hands or promotional points to participate in their freerolls, some sites offer freerolls that have no requirements at all and are absolutely free to enter.

Online poker sites have their own points systems. Freeroll tournaments may include the payment of these points as a means to enter the tournament. The winnings in a these tournaments may be by virtue of points, real money, merchandise or invitations to other tournaments.


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