Deep Stack

A Deep Stack tournament is one in which participants begin with an amount of chips that is relatively high in relation to the blind or ante. Because the blind or ante is comparatively small compared with total chips, the usual impact that these forced bets have of speeding up the game is reduced. The resulting augmented number of hands dealt causes longer tournaments and reduces instability based on the variance of cards dealt.

Deep stack tournaments may take a lot longer to finish than any other tournament. As a result of this amplified playing time, player stamina will be of the highest value. Stamina is always something that matters in poker. This is one of the aspects of play that a lot of players are likely to completely discount. No one, even poker players, really think about poker to be a game where physical performance or condition in fact matters.

Deep stack play is all about picking your spots and taking your time. You are given a whole load of chips so that you can pass up on your weak hands and get in the middle when you actually have something you can work with. Fortunate for you, this concept is completely alien to a huge percentage of players. There will always be those players who think that a deep stack tournament is just like every other event, but the truth is that deep stacks are very different.

Even though there is less luck in the deep stack tournaments good players should have more of an advantage, the longer playing time may end up meaning better players end up spending more time for the amount of money won.


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