Poker Card Room FAQs

Setup and installation

How do I download PokerArk software and run the setup?
Using Internet Explorer and Windows and Chrome

  1. Click on the download button on the PokerArk website.
  2. A window (like the one shown below) will pop up. Click on the run button located close to the centre of window as shown below in the blue circle.
  3. The file starts downloading.  Installation process will complete when the green line reaches the end of the box.
  4. Click Next once the download is over
  5. Click Next(shown in the blue circle below)
  6. Click Install
  7. The Green Line will go to the end showing that the software is installed. Click Next.
  8. After this is complete click on the finish button (shown in image below).
  9. You will then see the “PokerArk” icon on your desktop

Using Chrome and Windows

  1. Click the play now button or the Download Button.
  2. On the download tab select Save
  3. Click the play now button or the Download Button.
  4. A Window will pop-up as given below, then Click on Run
  5. The file starts downloading. (Download will be complete when the green line reaches the end of the box)
  6. Click Next once the download is over (shown in the blue circle in the image below)
  7. Click Next (shown in the blue circle below)
  8. Click Next (shown in the blue circle below)
  9. Click Install (shown in the blue circle below)
  10. The Green Line will go to the end showing that the software is installed. Click Next.
  11. Click Finish. You will have shortcut for “PokerArk” on your Desktop.
  12. Click the play now button or the Download Button.
  13. A Window will pop-up as given below, then Click on Run
  14. The file starts downloading. (Download will be complete when the green line reaches the end of the box)
  15. Click Next once the download is over (shown in the blue circle in the image below)
  16. Click Next (shown in the blue circle below)
  17. Click Next (shown in the blue circle below)
  18. Click Install (shown in the blue circle below)
  19. The Green Line will go to the end showing that the software is installed. Click Next.
  20. Click Finish. You will have shortcut for “PokerArk” on your Desktop.
  21. You will then see the “PokerArk” icon on your desktop.

Q. I am not getting support emails delivered to my inbox.
A. Please check you spam filter and change the security in your email client and set as non spam

General Questions

Q. What are your Terms Of Service?
A. Please read our Terms of Service by clicking on the link. Terms and conditions.

Q. I would like to play under different names. Can I have more than one poker account?
A. No. Each player is only allowed one account. It is not permitted to close your account and open another one. Once you create an account, your UserID/Screen name cannot be changed, so please choose carefully.

Q. I lost my password
A. Send us a change password request from your registered email id along with a scanned identity proof such as your driving license/Passport. We will reset your password and send it back to you.

Q. How can I help keep my player account secure?
A. Password protection is your responsibility. Never reveal your player account information to anyone. We will never ask you to send your password to us, and the only place you will need to use it is when logging in to the 3d poker software of PokerArk. We recommend that you change your password regularly.

Q. I downloaded the installer from the website and when I run it I get the following message:* "Unable to create install directory. Please ensure you have permission to write to <installation directory>"
A. This means your windows user account does not have sufficient privileges to create the installation directory specified (eg. typically c:\program files\PokerArk). To rectify this, you should install to a different location that you do have privileges to create. Typically this is a directory under your windows user's home directory (eg. c:\Users\<my user>\ or c:\Documents and Settings\<my user>\). Failing that, you will need to upgrade your windows user account to be an Administrator (refer to section "Windows Administrator Account").

* "Invalid directory : <installation directory>"
This means the installation directory you have specified is not valid. To rectify this, you should install to a different location that exists and that you have sufficient privileges to create files under.

Getting Started:

Q. What are the Minimum System Requirements?
A. The minimum system requirements needed to run the PokerArk Poker software are:

* PC with at least 1Gz CPU and 512MB RAM.
* 3D-graphics card with at least 64 MB memory.
* Microsoft Windows XP or Vista.
* 20 MB available on your hard drive.
* Microsoft DirectX 9.
* Contact customer support if you have any problems running the poker software.

How do I Create an Account?
A. After the installation is complete, click on create account

Enter you’re the username of your choice but ensure it’s the one you want as the username cannot be changed once the account is created. Also enter the password you desire (can be changed) and e-mail address. If you were reffered to this site then enter the code of that affiliate.

Once you have filled the needful click on “I accept the Terms and Conditions” after you have read them.

You will then have to submit the information for making a deposit.

Q. How do I Login?
A. After you have launched the software type your username and your password when prompted. This will need to be done every time you login to PokerArk
Press "Log In" to enter the PokerArk lobby and start playing poker!

Q. How do I use the Lobby interface?

Lobby options:

Poker Tables - Provides a detailed list on all our various poker tables and games, both real and play.

Tournaments - Provides a detailed list on all our current tournaments.

Other Games - Play Real Money Blackjack or Backgammon.

News - Keep up to date with the latest news at PokerArk.

Support - Contact our friendly support team via live chat or email if you have any questions at all, or read our FAQs.

Player Admin - Change your player icon, view hand history, real money ledger, VIP points and more.

Settings - Change the in game setting including window options, sounds and music, animations and performance.

Cashier - Visit the cashier to make a real money deposit, withdrawal or to     up your play money balance.

General Game Play & Tables:

Q. How do I play the games and what are the rules?
Texas Hold'em

Q. How long do I have for my turn?
Each player is given 20 seconds for their turn. If you run out of time you will be automatically folded and your status changed to "sitting out".

Q. How do I Re-Buy?
A. If you want to get more money to a table without leaving you can click the "re-buy" button. This will allow you to re-buy any amount or up to the table limit. For limit games you cannot re-buy an amount that will put your total on the table over the table limit. You will only be able to re-buy when you are folded, between hands or sitting out. You cannot re-buy during a hand that you are still playing in.

Q. Can I keep my seat at a table but not play? (Sit Out)
A. By clicking on the “sit out” button you will be able to keep your seat but will not be included in the play until you choose to "Get back". However, you can only "sit out" at a table for 5 minutes before you are removed.

Q. I was changed to Sitting out when I didn't choose to?
A. If your status has changed to "sitting out" and you did not choose to "sit out" either you did not make you turn in time or you were disconnected. If you don't make your turn in time you will be folded and sat out.

Q. Can I Auto Post Blinds?
A. Yes if a player has "auto post" selected then their blinds will automatically be paid when it is their turn to post the blinds. If "auto post" is not selected then the player will have to click the "post sb" or "post bb" button every time it is their turn to post a blind. "Auto post" is turned off by default and can be turned on/off in the "options" panel.

Q. What does Post Big Blind Now and Wait for Big Blind mean?
A. If you do not have "auto post" selected when you join or sit-in at a table you can choose to “Post Big Blind Now" or "Wait for Big Blind”. If you decide to wait for Big Blind then you will enter the game when it’s your turn to post Big Blind. By Posting Big Blind now you will immediately enter the game.

By default "wait for BB" is not selected and can be turned on/off in the "options" panel, but can only be turned on if "auto post" is not selected.

Q. What does Show, Muck and Auto Muck mean?
A.  Muck means that losing player chooses not to show the other player their cards. A player can only muck if their turn comes after a winning hand in the showdown. You can also choose to "show" your cards even if you have lost.

If a player has "auto muck" selected then when they lose a showdown their cards with automatically be mucked if possible. "Auto muck" is turned off by default and can be turned on/off in the "options" panel.

Q. Can I Pre-select Actions?
A. When it is not your turn you will be given the option of pre-selecting actions. If you pre-select an action, when it is your turn it will automatically do that action. The pre-select action box will appear above the hand description box and will only be visible when it is not your turn and will only show available actions.

Q. Can I view my Game Stats and Hand History?
A. Stats and Hand history can be viewed while playing the game itself by clicking above the poker chips of the dealer.

 A window will open as shown below.

To view your Hand History during a game click on the "history" button.

To view your stats click on Stats and a window will appear as shown below.

You can also check your Hand histories by going to the lobby > Hand history.
For Statistics lobby > Statistics.

Q. What is the Pot and Rake?
A. The pot is located in the centre of the table (below any community cards). The exact value of the pot is shown as “Main Pot” plus any money that is placed on the table during a betting round.

Q. Can I keep notes on other players?
A. If you click on another player a window where you can type notes will appear. Once you have added your notes make sure you click "save notes" then "close". Once you have added some notes when you move your mouse over that player the notes will appear as a tooltip. Players who have entered their details in the cashier will have their country also show up as a tooltip.

Q. How do I increase game performance?
A. If you want to increase the performance of the PokerArk software, we recommend that you:

* Use Single Window/Lobby Mode
* Change Graphics Performance
* Close any additional Programs you have running
* Remove any Spy-ware from your computer

Q. How do I get the floating chat window?
A. You can activate the large floating chat window two different ways.

1. From the Lobby - click on the 'Chat' button which can be located in the bottom right corner of your screen.
2. When seated at a Table - the small chat window, located in the bottom left hand corner of screen, has a large toggle button marked with a RED cross. Click this button to activate the floating chat window.

Q. What does tagging mean?
A. Tagging means you can assign another player a particular tag of your choice. The tag can be select from several possibilities to reflect the player being tagged.
Example Player Tags: Shark, Buddy, King, Easy

Once you have assigned a tag to a player you will be able to see when they are online. Currently the tagging option does not provide you with the specific table of where your tagged player is seated.

Q. How do I tag a player?
A. Whilst seated at the table simply click on the player's name tag and select your choice of player tag.

Q. What does Plrs/flop mean?
A. This is the percentage of players that are staying in the game until at least the flop in each hand.

Q. What does Hands/Hr mean?
A. This tells you the number of hands that particular table is playing every hour.

Q. What does the Average Pot mean?
A. This is the average size of the pot being gambled, per hand, at each respective table.

Q. What is the Waiting List?
A. The waiting list enables you to add yourself to a table that may be already full. The waiting list will notify you when a position at that table becomes available.

Q. What do the different tournament tabs mean?
A. Scheduled - these are tournaments scheduled by PokerArk to start at a specific time. PokerArk Freerolls can be found under the scheduled tab.
Sit & Go - These are tournaments that will only start once the required number of players is reached.   Sit & Go tournaments are usually single table tournaments.
Satellites - These are tournaments that give an entry into bigger tournaments as victory to the winners. Satellites are held in various stages leading up to a large tournament such as a WPT, WSOP or PokerArk special event.
Audio problem

Q. How do I enable in-game sounds?
A. Enabling the in-game sound is easy. Simply follow these steps:

1. Please make sure you have a valid sound card and that your speakers are not set to mute.
2. Log in using your account details.
3. Go to the following path Lobby>options>Settings

Please ensure that you have the latest device-drivers for the sound card installed on your computer and check if the sound card installed is working and that your speakers are switched on and not set to mute.

Q. What is an avatar?  How do I change mine?
A. An avatar is a 3D representation of you the player. At PokerArk we give you the opportunity to be the chameleon. You can change your “avatar” by the following path:  Game lobby>lobby option>wardrobe.

Click on the objects below to display screenshots for avatars.

Female Avatar Screenshots
Male Avatar Screenshots

Q. How do I tile and cascade multiple open tables?
A. Each table has a tile and cascade button in the title bar.

Tile screen

Cascade Screen


Q. How do I select a game?
You can choose which type of game you'd like to play by using the left-hand navigational area, or the top main area featuring the Quick Seat, Cash Games, Sit & Gos, Tournaments, Blackjack, and Play Money tabs. Select one of these options and you'll be taken to the filtered list showing all the relevant table/tournament information.

You can Double-click on the table you wish to join:


You can select the table and click on “Go to table”


Q. How do I sort information?
A. You can sort information by clicking on the Header of the tab you want to sort. For eg. To sort tables alphabetically click on table.

Q. If I select another sorting option, what happens to my previous selection?
A. The new sorting option will take preference, and the previous option will be reset to its default.
Filtering, 'Browse' view

Q. How do I access the filtering options in the 'Browse' view?
A. Use the columns featuring filtering options across the top of the Lobby area. You can access further filtering options with the filtering button in the top right-hand side of the Lobby area.

Q. If I go to another option – e.g. Cash Games > Limit Hold'em, will my settings and selection options be saved?
A. Yes. They only disappear if you log out.

Q. How do I add/edit/delete filter columns?
A. You can choose to access the filters for editing by selecting the 'filters' button at the top right-hand side of the screen. A pop-up will show a number of selection options based upon the game type accessed. Selecting or deselecting the options will automatically make the changes to your filters.

The selection options that are non- active for a user will remain visible as filtering columns and are the minimum required for this type of game view.

Q. What happens when I select a filtering option from the filtering pop up?
A. A tick in the checkbox will indicate that the filter has been selected for activation. You must update your filters by hitting the 'Update' button.

Q. How many filters can I select?
A. You must have a minimum of three filters visible at all times apart from in the Play Money, Poker Trainer and Blackjack filtering which are limited to one.

Q. Can I reset the filter options to the system default?
A. Yes. Simply select the reset icon.

Q. If I go to another option – for example Cash Games > Limit Hold'em, will my filter column preferences be saved?
A. Yes. They only disappear if you log out.
Hide Full Tables

Q. What happens when I select the 'Hide Full Tables' option?
A. The system will hide (Not display) tables that are full. In certain areas of the Lobby - Sit & Gos, Tournaments and Blackjack, the 'Hide Full Tables' option is not relevant and therefore not available.

Q. What is “waiting list”?
A. If you wish to play at a table that is full you have the option of joining the “Waiting List”. This will enable you to automatically enter the table once a sitting player at the table leaves his seat.

Q. How do I delete tables from the Waitlist?
A. You can choose to click on the 'Quit Waitlist' button, which will prompt a message for confirmation, or you can access the My Waitlist area and remove the table by selecting the 'X' from the relevant table.

Q. How do I know how many people are on the Waitlist?
A. When you click on a table on the Waitlist a number will be shown with the 'Join Waitlist' or 'Quit Waitlist' button. The number on the list will also be shown when the Waitlist column is active in the Lobby.

Q. How do I know when I can take a seat at the table?
A. A pop-up box will appear to tell you that you can now sit at the table.
Questions related to Table

Q. How should I use the Notes tab located in the lower left?
A. The Notes help you to add your view about the player’s play style. Click on the tab on the player and write you observations in the window.

Q. How can I quickly deposit funds into my account?
A. We’ve got a new Quick Deposit feature embedded into the table to make this really easy for you. For further information on this and our other new table features, please visit our interactive table tutorial.

Q. Where are the extended game options such as Auto Post Blinds?
A. Auto Post Blinds is an option by which instead of clicking the button every time you come on the blind the system posts your blinds.

Questions on Types of Games

Q. What is a deck of the cards?
A. A deck consists of 52 cards. These cards are divided into four suits, each of which contains 13 ranks. The suits are all of equal value. In poker, the ace is the highest card and the 2 (deuce) is the lowest. However, the ace can be used as a low card to form the straight 5-4-3-2-A.

Q. What are the blinds?
A. Before the game starts, the two players sitting to the left of the dealer post 'blind' bets (Small Blind and Big Blind), these are called blinds because they are made before the players have seen any cards. The blinds ensure that there is some money in the pot before the game starts

Q. What is a call?
A. To match the bet placed on the table is called “call”.

Q. What is a raise?
A. To increase the amount bet is called raise. Re-raise is when you raise the player before you has raised.

Q. What is a fold?
A. To fold is to give up the playing hand.

Q. What is the flop?
A. In Poker after the First betting round is completed the cards that are received (3 Cards as community in Texas Hold’em and Omaha) is called the Flop.

Q. What is the turn?
A. The fourth community card is dealt face up on the table and the third round of betting follows.

Q. What is the river?
A. The fifth and final community card is dealt, followed by the final round of betting.

Q. What is the showdown?
A. After all the betting rounds are over if there are at least two players left there is a “showdown’ in which Players still in the game show their hands. The highest Hand Wins (see our rank of hands). If two players share an identical hand, the pot is split.
Tournament FAQs

Q. How do I register for a poker tournament?
If a poker tournament is in the ‘Registering’ or ‘Late Reg’ state, highlight that tournament by clicking on it. Once the Tournament Lobby screen opens, click on ‘Register’. You will need to log-in if you have not already done so for this session. Some tournaments may allow you to register directly from the main lobby once you have highlighted the event

For more detailed instructions, see Playing PokerArk Tournaments.

Q. Can I play at more than one table at the same time?
Yes, you are welcome to play in multiple ring games and tournaments simultaneously. For some players, this is one of the greatest features of online poker. In the interest of fairness to all players, we ask that if you do play multiple tables, you act promptly when it is your turn in either poker game.

Q. What if I try to access a tournament that is not yet open for registration?
A. A pop-up will appear informing you about the tournament's status.

Q. How can I tell the status of a tournament and which ones to access for registration?
A. The Lobby listing area will show the status (registering, announced, etc.) of all tournaments.

Q. What is a Sit & Go tournament?
A. Sit & Go tournaments are offered in a variety of games with buy-ins starting as low as $6, including the entry fee. The game will start as soon as the required numbers of people have registered for the tournament, and players will be blinded/anted off if they are not present.

Q. What is the entry fee for a Sit & Go tournament?
Tournament fees vary by buy-in. In general the entry fee for a tournament will be anywhere from 0% to 25% of the buy-in amount. Actual tournament fees are shown in the buy-in screen for each tournament.

Q. Can I unregister from the Sit & Go tournament at anytime?
Players will be allowed to unregister from a Sit & Go tournament as long as not all the seats have been filled. Players can unregister from tournaments which allow late registrations until 15 minutes before play begins.

Q. When does the registration close in the tournaments with late registration?
A. Late registration is available in select multi-table tournaments, and will be considered closed when any of the following occurs:

* The first level of the tournament is completed.
* One player is eliminated from the tournament.
* All available seats are filled.
* Maximum tournament capacity is reached

Q. I registered for a tournament that I can no longer participate in what should I do?
You can cancel your registration by clicking on the tournament and then the button "unregistered". You will be credited directly into your account, the amount spent to acquire the right to participate in the tournament, excluding the cost of cancellation.


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