Random Number Generator

What is a Random Number Generator or RNG?

Random Number Generator (RNG)is a system, device or module that creates a sequence of apparently unrelated numbers utilizing complex mathematical schemes. This results in a totally random shuffle of the cards.

Pokerark.com uses a RNG (random number generator) to ensure that all players are dealt a fair deal hand each and every game. The RNG system produces incalculable permutations and combinations in the 52-card deck that is virtually impossible to predict. The RNG is unaware of what is going on in the game, so when the players of the game in question request a random card, the RNG deals a card while having no idea of whose turn it is nor how the game is being played. It is the ultimate impartial tool.

We at Poker Ark have made it a priority to create an honest and fair gaming experience for our players without compromising on quality. Our robust random number generator (RNG) makes sure all our players have the exact same fair chance to win by using a well known algorithm to generate 32-bit raw numbers. These numbers are scaled and shuffled to generate a 52-card deck for each game.

Certified Poker Random Number Generator

The Pokerark.com random number generator has been tested and certified by a state funded independent laboratory that has confirmed the reliability and security of the random number generator (RNG) that is used to shuffle cards on Pokerark.com , showing the solution meets or exceeds best practices in generating unpredictable and statistically random values for dealing cards.


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