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Preventing Minors from Gambling

To play poker at Poker you have to 18 years or older, or of legal age to gamble in the jurisdiction in which you are currently located, either of which is greater. We employ a series of restraints to make certain that no minor has access to our live gaming facilities. Providing erroneous or fraudulent information about a player's age will result in penalty of any winnings, and may result in civil and/or criminal action.

Online gambling transactions require some form of financial transactions, whether using credit cards or sending wire deposits or receiving a check.  Much unlike physical casinos, online casinos do not accept cash and do not offer credit.  With a system of deposits and payouts using digital means that most minors do not, or should not, have access to, the risk of minors gambling online is minimized. Furthermore, online operators in regulated jurisdictions are required to know the identity and age of their online players, and there are efficient age-verification tools to make certain minors do not access unsuitable online material.


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