About Us

Pokerark allows you, the player, to interact in a way never dreamed possible before. Design and create your own character, play at different tables and fully immerse yourself in the new online gambling world.

Create your characters entire image, from sex, hair style, color of clothes, and size of nose and width of chin! Everything is editable letting you be totally unique amongst other gamers online. This 3D environment is the closest you'll get to actually being in Vegas competing with random customers, all from the comfort of your home computer. Play as yourself and save your character; be recognized every time you come back.

The fully interactive 3D environment isn't the only new thing about POKERARK. For the first time you can now play at various games all at the same time. Interact and play with other members and keep your own games going on the side. Pokerark doesn't stop there, if you have a good game - SHOW IT. Raise your hand like a winner, chat to your friends and tell them how pathetic they are! Of course if it’s you on the losing end, it seems only fair you should hang your head in shame.

Other card rooms are happy to let a nickname represent who you are; Pokerark is taking internet gambling to the next level. CREATE your own identity; from the style of your hair do to the boots you walk in with. Change clothes whenever you like, it’s up to you.

Take a seat on the pokerark and begin your wild safari.



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